Exhibition Shipping and Recycling

Jan-31-2021 | by: TWI Group

TWI as an exhibition transportation company is well versed in shipping very important and timely shipments to international trade shows. Freight forwarding specialists like TWI make sure that the exhibits are at a show in time!  Recently, during the time of Covid-19, TWI has also been working on recycling and destruction of goods for our clients.  Due to the cancellation of many exhibitions, exhibit properties from booths to electronics are getting out dated or the cost to store is too high. Or, exhibitors when they come back to shows may have entirely new booths or designs.  The question is, what to do with all the exhibit properties in storage?

For booth materials and items made out of wood, TWI has a team in place to dismantle the products and take exhibits that cannot be recycled to land fills.  We have taken out the tons of steel and aluminum and brought these to recyclers. We have also recently taken over 175 large screen televisions to electronic recyclers so that they could be safely disposed, recycled and done in a professional way to protect the environment.

While we would rather be focusing on exhibition shipping to large shows, we are still focused on assisting our very important clients in their current needs and recycling is certainly one of them!