CES 2020 - Las Vegas

Jan-31-2021 | by: TWI Admin

TWI was very proud to provide our logistics services to some of the top exhibitors and manufacturers during CES.  TWI is not the official provider in any way for CES, however, we have focused 100% on growing our business through one agenda and that is excellent customer service and attention to detail.  Several years go, we only had a few shipments from key clients and I would say that our focus was not on customer service as it should have been starting in 2017, with management attention on our US shows and specifically CES, we managed to grow our CES business by 800%.  The focus on customer service starts not with technical expertise, but with the attitude that we want to do the very best job no matter what it takes!  For CES, we created solutions for any situation that client's had.  For a special car demonstration for Audi at a parking lot, you could find our staff delivering on New Years day at the Aria.  You could see our team putting up fencing and even when the fencing just wasn't right, we went and bought fabric to install onto the fence and to make it less transparant.  For Mercedes, we had late evening and early morning deliveries all over town.  Clients were using our warehouse and had over 60 technicians working on their products and electric vehicles.  We were not aware of the 60 technicians but we called in our trusted electricians to increase electrical power for all the needs.  We called in auto repair companies to assist us with getting the vehicles air conditioning units refilled.  We ended up supplying patio heaters and work areas for the 60 technicians.  We also assisted by shopping and providing the 60 technicians food, coffee, water every day.  While this was not planned in advance, we did whatever it took to get the job done.  These are just some of the examples of focusing on our clients needs and providing them with everything they needed so that they can have a successful show.

We are proud to have serviced so many key exhibitors at CES 2020 and cannot wait till the next show comes back!