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TWI offers its customers Cargo Insurance, a comprehensive freight insurance coverage for trade shows and exhibition goods.


Purchasing exhibition coverage through TWI is an excellent solution as it covers the shipment from the time it is picked up at your warehouse until it is delivered back to your warehouse.

 Cargo Insurance......

  • ... is the best way to recover from your financial loss as a result of loss or damage.
  • "Exhibition” coverage is greater than the typical transportation coverage of your shipments
  • Shippers who have their own open cargo policy may find their policy does not provide "exhibition cargo” insurance coverage.


Please read this important insurance information regarding trade show shipping and exhibition logistics: 



What is the Carrier's Liability Obligation?


Carriers Limit their liability to shippers based on specific shipping conferences or other regulations and outline these limitations in their bill of lading. Depending upon the mode of transport the monetary liability of carriers can be as little as:

  • $0.50 per pound for domestic transportation
  • $500.00 per customary unit for ocean shipments
  • $20.00 per kilo (or similar) for International air shipments



What Do Premiums Cost?


The rate for insurance coverage is currently U.S. 0.9225$ per U.S. $100.00 value CIF + 10%

Minimum $60.00



What Are The Deductibles?


  • Minimum deductible is $250.00 or 2% of CIF value
  • No Maximum