Domestic Services

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Top Domestic Trade Show Transportation Services in the U.S.


TWI Group, Inc. provides clients with specifically designed solutions for their trade show transportation requirements within North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico). To furnish the most cost-effective solution to the transportation requirements defined by the specific geographic area, TWI determines the appropriate means of shipping exhibits.

Additionally, TWI partners with you on:

  • Models and mockups
  • Implementation of design into functional exhibits
  • Tours
  • Demonstrations
  • Proper outfitting and necessary support
  • Site selections and surveys
  • Specialized services and handling
  • Rigging
  • Storage
  • Set up and dismantle
  • Insurance


TWI fulfills the promise of First-Class service to its clients, whether in transportation arrangements, a North America tour, private demonstration schedule, the coordination of an international tour or trade show-to-trade show move.