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TWI Group, Inc. is a specialty freight forwarder, shipping trade show and exhibit material to international destinations.  Founded on the principle of personal attention, TWI provides:

  • Complete shipping instructions
  • Export deadlines
  • Packaging and labeling information
  • Documentation and entry requirements
  • Information about the show and host country
  • On-site support at major shows
  • Solutions to freight problems
  • Payment to the on-site agent
  • Standardized tariff rates
  • Customs clearances
  • Temporary Import Bonds (TIBs)
  • Committed sales and operational staff


Once the exhibitor's freight is ready and the paperwork complete, the TWI team:

  • Prepares the necessary Customs export documents
  • Routes material on international carriers
  • Monitors all shipments en route
  • Supervises Customs clearance and Temporary Import Bonds (TIBs) in the host country
  • Coordinates transporting materials from the entry port/airport to the exhibition site
  • Oversees delivery of materials to the exhibit booth and removes and stores empty containers
  • Arranges necessary labor and equipment (forklifts, cranes, etc.) for installation and dismantle
  • Coordinates the return shipping documentation
  • Transports materials from the show site to the point of origin or any other destination.


To ensure fail-safe operations, each activity is constantly updated on TWI's Project Management System.