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We handle all the different shipping methods and regulations of any industry, for any location, across the globe. One of our friendly and experienced trade show shipping specialists will keep you informed and updated throughout the entire shipping process. You can ship with TWI Group, Inc. with the confidence that you're getting the highest level of customer service and attention to exhibition logistics details.


The process of shipping logistics looks a bit like this:

  • We move your products and displays legally, safely and quickly through the U.S. and Canadian customs and into an exhibition worldwide.
  • We advise you on the best shipping method, proper case markings, documentation and all other crucial information necessary to ensure trouble-free movement of freight. This service includes arranging any needed bonds, paying the ocean or air carrier’s destination charges, completing all necessary documentation, arranging customs examination and clearance, transporting goods to exhibit site and serving as a liaison to ensure delivery to the booth.
  • We provide on-site assistance with adhering to regulations and covering sales, storage, and re-export of imported materials along with arranging the return or forwarding of shipments and materials at the conclusion of the trade show.



What this all means in layman's terms:


When a company needs to move products or materials anywhere in the U.S. or Canada or overseas in order to set up an exhibit at a trade show, hiring a logistics company like TWI Group, Inc., to handle the process is the way to go. Don't try to go it alone and don't settle for general shipping services or couriers. After all, most companies don’t know what the process of getting materials overseas involves and how complicated it can be. Therefore, the process is best left to the logistics professionals who specialize in trade shows and exhibitions.



Get a free estimate for your trade show shipping and exhibition logistics today


If your company wants to ensure professional, on-time trade show shipping, contact us and we'll promptly provide you a competitive bid for your next domestic or international exhibition. Our services include international trade show shipping, domestic exhibition transport services, trade show logistics, trade show shipping, trade show freight, trade show transportation, exhibition logistics, exhibition transport, convention shipping and conference transport.