Import Services

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TWI is a recognized leader in transportation and logistics management for international companies exhibiting in the United States and Canada


With the expertise to move displays and products legally, safely and quickly through U.S. and Canadian Customs and into an exhibition, TWI handles all aspects of the highly-specialized logistics requirements faced by international exhibitors. Prior to shipment, TWI advises international exhibitors regarding the best shipping method, proper case markings, documentation, and all other pertinent information to ensure trouble-free movement of freight.

The services offered by TWI Import Services includes:

  • Arranging the necessary bonds;
  • Paying the ocean or air carrier's destination charges;
  • Completing all necessary documentation;
  • Arranging Customs examination and clearance;
  • Transporting the goods to the exhibit site;
  • Serving as the liaison with the drayage contractor to ensure delivery to the booth;
  • Advising exhibitors about regulations covering the sale, storage, and re-export or destruction of imported exhibit materials;
  • Arranging the return or forwarding of shipments and materials in accordance with the exhibitor's requirements at the conclusion of the show.


Each step in the process is constantly monitored and updated on TWI's Project Management System.


In addition, TWI handles shipments between U.S. events and other industry-related shows throughout the world. TWI also assists trade show organizers in obtaining "Trade Fair" designation from the U.S. Government. This status allows duty-free entry of articles into a particular trade show without many of the restrictions associated with other temporary importation procedures.


As a founding member of the International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA), TWI maintains close working relationships with exhibition forwarding partners around the globe as well as affiliated agents throughout the U.S. TWI is, therefore, uniquely positioned to provide exhibitors a full range of import/export services with the highest level of personal support.