Air Freight: an Overview

Jul-22-2011 | by: admin
Air freight is the predominant method for transportation of exhibit material overseas. It is very quick, and can service most parts of the world. With the dominance of parcel services like Fed-Ex and UPS, air freight has become a very normal part of everyday transport. If choosing to use air freight for exhibits, you just need to be aware of the key factors surrounding this type of transport. 1. Size and Dimensions - If your crated goods are larger than 64 inches, this will severely restrict the capability of moving your freight by air. If over 96 inches, the choices become even more limited. Items exceeding 96 inches in length can create issues as well. Before deciding how to send your freight, it’s always best to know your dimensions so the best choices can be made. 2. Time Frames – Many people associate air freight with “overnight.” In the international exhibition arena, this is not usually accurate. You can typically expect 7 working days from pick up to delivery to your stand for Westernized countries, and 14 working days for other countries. The air portion may only take 1-2 days, however, due to airline security, limited flight schedules, sizing requirements, and over-booked planes, often times your goods may not fly until 1-3 days after pick up. Then, customs clearance in most of the destination cities may take another day or two. So the reality is usually a minimum of 3-5 days and an average of 7-14 working days. Helpful hints To make your air freight experience the best possible, remember: - Crates and cases on wheels can easily be damaged, as they must be secured and not be able to roll. - If you do not have proper fork lift holes in your cases to lift heavy materials with a fork lift, you will incur rough handling. - Be sure to label each separate box/case. If you are skidding and shrink wrapping, be sure to do so very securely. - Plan well. Weather, time of year, disaster areas and seasonal situations can cause flights to be delayed or cancelled. - Be a Known Shipper - US Regulations allow for "Known Shippers” to have their freight on regular passenger flights instead of cargo only. This gives many more options on flight schedules and time frames. Plan well, and your air freight shipment will be a success! -- Greg Keh is Executive Vice President of TWI Group, Inc., the premiere specialist in international tradeshow logistics. To contact Greg, or to find out how TWI Group can help with your upcoming tradeshow shipments, please call our Las Vegas Headquarters at 702.691.9000.