Battery shipping and exhibition shipments

Apr-09-2022 | by: Greg Keh

Shipments containing batteries continue to be a very difficult process. Airlines are putting more and more restrictions on accepting and allowing shipments containing batteries.  This affects the exhibition logistics and tradeshow transportation services.  Let's face it, lithium ion batteries are in so many products, from phones, to computers, tablets and machines, many exhibits today destined for an international show often have components that have lithium ion batteries.

Shipping a laptop to control your graphics, kiosk or display? Some of the main airlines today are restricting the shipment of laptops to new packaged laptops in its original unopened packing.   The impact of this is there are now limited airlines willing to accept shipments of lithium ion batteries and the impact to exhibitors will be earlier planning and consideration of sourcing your equipment in country where the show is held instead of shipping them from North America. 

Today, exhibitors are required to assess their battery shipments and sign off on proper declarations as well as properly label their shipments. Failure to do so, will cause even more expenses to have professionals do this. Some battery shipments will require actual specialty packing, and special hazardous certificates be prepared by experts.

When it comes time to shipping your exhibition and tradeshow shipments internationally, be sure to contact us so we can guide you through the myriad details so that you can have a successful exhibition shipment.