Exhibit Shipping to Brazil

Mar-05-2013 | by: admin
Exhibiting in Brazil can be challenging and more costly than other countries, so my best advice is to plan in advance! If you are planning to exhibit in Brazil, one of the key considerations should be your international trade show shipping plans! Many exhibitors consider sending their brochures, giveaways or graphics by courier. However, trade show freight should only be sent into Brazil via air freight or ocean freight This is because of the excessive penalties and fines imposed by Brazilian Customs on trade show freight shipped via traditional courier methods which almost always are placed on a “Customs Hold”. If your shipment is placed on a “Customs Hold”, depending on the show dates, this may result in your shipment not arriving in time for the start of the show or worse. Due to the challenges of shipping to Brazil, it is recommended that you contact TWI 60 Days before your required international exhibition. This way, TWI can advise you of the necessary procedures, and lead times needed for successful Brazilian events. Using your own preferred method to ship can be successful, with proper planning. Planning is the key to successful exhibition freight shipping. - Written by Kim Sheppard, an exhibition freight specialist with TWI on shipping and logistics in Brazil. Kim can be reached at [html]<a href="mailto:ksheppard@twigroup.com">Email Kim</a>[/html]