Get to Know our New York Office!

May-20-2011 | by: admin
Say hello to TWI New York. TWI New York opened its doors in 1985. It was a simple two-person office and those two people were responsible for everything. There were no Sales, Operations or Billing departments. There was not even a fax machine at first; the information highway was a telex machine. Everything was sold, moved and billed by 2 people. My have things changed! The New York office is now a seven-person office with weekly visits from Rick who works out of his home office in New Jersey. We are responsible for moving the bulk of the international freight all over the world out of the U.S. The New York team has a combined 93 years of freight experience. We have been together a long time and we have become very close and are like one big family. I’d like to introduce you to our New York Team: Rosemarie Libertelli - Ro began her time with the New York office in February 1985 as one of the two people handling everything. She came to TWI by way of grooming dogs and working passenger service with the airlines and for NY Helicopters. After spending two years in New York, she was asked to go to Los Angeles and get the station cleaned up and running. She did a fine job and returned to New York 3 ½ years later and worked from home, marketing and traveling to shows until she wound up ultimately running the New York office in 1991. She is a TWI staple with a wealth of knowledge on all things freight and management. She is our Rain Man. Mention a client and she can give you the client number as well as all phone numbers associated with the client. If I remembered things like that I would need a GPS just to get home! Stephanie Scaduto – Stephanie started working for TWI in 1998 as Customer Service Rep. She traveled to her first International show in Germany back in 2000. From Stephanie: “In the beginning we did not even have desktop computers. We had two computers in the middle of the office for all of us to share. As time moved on we actually received our own computers with an email address. TWI has become my extended family. Within the 13 years here I got engaged, married, had two children and made new friends.” Maria Rawdon – Maria takes care of billing and administrative support for the New York office. From Maria: “I worked for C-Air Customs Brokers for three years, when I heard there was an opening at TWI. I went for the interview and got the job. That was 15 years ago. I still can't believe 15 years have gone by! Working with the people in my office is like working with family. I've always said it -- TWI is one of the best jobs I ever had.” Andrea Latchman – Andrea is a Logistics Specialist and has been with TWI since 2003. From Andrea: “I started off as a temp while two employees were going out on maternity leave. I worked for almost a year, but then it was my time to leave. It was sad to leave a little family that I had grown to love. After about 6 months, I received a call that there was an opening at TWI, and here I am eight years later. I am the operations rep for our SFO, LAX and JFK offices. I couldn't ask for a better place to work as each day surely does bring new challenges.” Tom McDonald – Tom is a Sales Representative. He started working for TWI in 1997 as an Operations and Sales Rep for the company. From Tom: “I had come to TWI after working for several years with a service company that handled cargo operations for airlines in JFK. Things were very different when I first started with TWI. The office was smaller, the warehouse was smaller and we shared 2 OPS computers for all of our data entry and shipments. After working for the company for what seem to be a short time (oh how the time flies when you’re having fun), I was asked to site a show and I thought to myself ‘Wow....I'm going to get paid to travel to and go to some fantastic city in another country? This is AWESOME!’ Well let's just say the experience, in reality, was a LOT different from what I was thinking… but I did still have fun. Now I am in Sales and Account Management full time. Over the years I have seen, done and experienced so many things that simply would not have been possible without working for TWI. During this time I have met mostly good people, made some great friends and gained another family Alison Minichiello – Alison is a Logistics Specialist and has been working for TWI since 2001. From Alison: “I started with TWI with a customer service/management background in retail, and since coming to TWI, it's been quite the adventure. I began training on moving and billing the smaller shows. Then as the years went on, the shows expanded and our client base grew tremendously, bringing on new challenges. We are much like a family here in New York, and have celebrated many milestones together over the years.” Rick Schleef - From Rick: “I started February 2001 in TWI’s San Francisco office. I knew the Station Manager for over 30 years and was jealous that she was traveling all over the world. I worked in sales and it was a very exciting time for me. I was able to travel to all of the Semicon shows. As my time has gone by here at TWI, I'm thankful for the opportunity that was given to me the day I started.” Drew Camier - I began with TWI in February 2000. I had a background working at the airlines with a handling service. In my six years with the airlines I did everything from tying down pallets to doing weight and balance for freighters. I have always loved planes and found them fascinating. I still catch myself staring out the window here in our office, watching them take off and land. I was bartending at the time the position with TWI opened and was very happy to get back into freight and normal working hours. I am here now 11 years and am responsible for the New York Station. It has its good days and bad days just like every job but I truly still enjoy it. Every day is something new so there is never a chance of ever getting bored. The people I work with here at this Station are amazing. They care about the job and doing everything in their power to make sure the clients are always happy. Through the good times and bad, we stick together as a team (family) and it makes it easy to come to work everyday. -- Drew Camier is the New York Station Manager for TWI Group, Inc., the premiere specialist in international tradeshow logistics. To contact Drew, or to find out how TWI Group can help with your upcoming tradeshow shipments, please call our Las Vegas Headquarters at 702.691.9000.