International Shipping 101 - Commonly Used Shipping Terms (E-P)

Aug-03-2011 | by: admin
As we mentioned in our last International Shipping 101 post here: [url=](Shipping Terms A-F)[/url], we know all the lingo thrown around when shipping international freight can sometimes be confusing. Following are explanations of some of those tricky terms, beginning with letters E through P: EC – European Community Export License – A permit required to engage in the export of certain commodities to certain destinations. Lists of such goods are found in the comprehensive Export Schedules issued by the Bureau of Foreign Commerce. Foodstuff/Edibles – Imports are subject to sanitary/veterinary health certificates. Live animals and/or plants may be quarantined. Fumigation – Required in some countries for live plants and wooden packaging. GST – Goods and services taxes. Harmonized System – International commodity description and classification referencing system. Formerly known as Schedule B. Ocean Bill of Lading – A receipt for cargo and a contract for transportation between a shipper and the ocean carrier. Permanent Import – In case of sales, with payment of duties and VAT, or in case of free distribution, disposable or consumables are usually exempt from payment of duties and VAT depending on each country. The quantity and value exempted at discretion of Customs authorities. Pier Demurrage – A charge that is assessed when the container is removed from the carrier’s control and is not returned within the allowable free time. Power of Attorney (POA) – A “grant of authority” from the principal (importer) to the agent (broker) to perform certain acts on the principal’s behalf. A Power of Attorney is required by a broker to perform those activities, defined as “Customs business,” on behalf and in the name of a principal. Prohibited Cargo – Goods restricted by International Convention. Also refers to drugs, weapons and ammunitions. Stayed tuned to our blog for more "International Shipping 101" posts coming soon. And if you have any shipping questions or if there's anything you'd like to see featured on our blog, don't forget to leave a comment and let us know. We'll be sure to answer your questions in one of our next blog posts!