Internet Connectivity at International Shows!

Jan-16-2013 | by: admin
Getting connected at international shows can be quite challenging. To service our clients in the international trade show shipping arena, many of us at TWI travel extensively, and we have some experiences to share. - Smartphones – most carrier plans have international data limits and even if your phone is a company phone, using your data on your smart phone can cost 20.00 per mb and this can easily translate to several hundred dollars a day. - Hotel Connections – Many countries are starting to adopt free internet however, most still do not, and the cost can be up to 15-30.00 per day. Hotel connections can be very slow depending on the set up. - Show Sites- This can be “free” if your company already purchased internet for the booth/stand. If the show site has an open wifi for all users, the fees for daily access can be expensive. - USB Devices- Most of the time, we find that purchasing monthly wifi USB cards can be very cost effective. In England or even in Jordan, cost of a monthly USB is about $30.00 – 50.00 and this includes the USB device, the sim chip and 5 gb of data for the month. Italy, France and many western European countries offer similar services. Many Asian countries are starting to as well. In all cases, check in advance with your colleagues in the country of destination. - MIFI - We at TWI are starting to use MIFI devices, which are wireless hubs using sim chips for internet access with the ability of connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. There are many options to connecting and saving money for overseas travelers. Shipping to an overseas international show, freight logistics is one thing, now you need to be sure of your connectivity plans as well. - Greg Keh, Vice President TWI Group