Meet our Accounting Team!

Jul-15-2011 | by: admin
BILLING From left to right above: Destinee Marshall, Carolina Aviles, Matasha Aiken, Cathy Thibodeau Our billing team receives the costs of sales invoices and generates invoicing our clients. They are all extremely conscious of their responsibility for completing on-time billing to our clients. COLLECTIONS From left to right above: Laura Camier, Linda Waggoner, Shelly Ahrens Our collections team has the task of ensuring that TWI clients receive their invoices and assisting our clients with any payment inquiries. They process credit card payments and collect payment information. They also settle any disputes. Our collections team is great at interacting with clients. GENERAL ACCOUNTING From left to right above: Angie Bartruff, Debbie Hackney, Mary Williams Our accounting team is responsible for making sure all the work done by Billing and Collections is represented in a month-end closing. Cash receipts in, cash disbursements out – they keep meticulous track of all the dollars, dollars, dollars going everywhere. Like peanut butter and jelly or unicorns and glitter … our entire accounting department really knows how to work together. Kudos to all of them for their hard work!