Middle East Exhibit Shipping - Vehicles

Apr-12-2013 | by: admin
Besides shipping your graphics, literature and giveaways to an international show, TWI has a great deal of experience in the exhibition freight logistics and practice of shipping military vehicles and large equipment. If you are looking for best practices for shipping military vehicles to the Middle East, we can assist you. For your vehicle demonstrations or non-FMS sales activity, knowing the right documentation is important for success. Knowing who the right players are is vital. Do you know if your in-country representatives have what it takes to help you control your cost in the host country? Do you know when to pay duties or post a refundable deposit? Whether you are shipping into Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the UAE, knowing your representatives capabilities can save you a lot of money. Knowing your exhibition freight forwarder and their capabilities can minimize or even eliminate the monetary leaking faucet. Having the right contacts and partner will also allow your freight to be cleared properly and timely. Significant delays and costs can occur with the simplest. TWI has the knowledge and the experienced partners to handle any situation with government agencies that may be involved, whether it is the MOD, MOI, National Guard, Armed Forces or Security Forces. Having handled the international exhibition logistics and freight forwarding more than 30 vehicles for 6 events and countless private demonstrations in 6 countries in the last 24 months, TWI and its partners can enhance your success. Jay Cease – is TWI’s Manager Corporate Accounts and specializes in complex projects, compliance related projects and over-sized and specialty movements. Jay can be reached at +1-702-691-9033 and email is [url=mailto:jease@twigroup.com]jcease@twigroup.com[/url]