My Seven Years at TWI

Jan-19-2012 | by: admin
I am leaving TWI after 7 wonderful years and would just like to tell you a little bit about this small company with a big spirit. My experience with TWI has not been just “a job” but truly a life altering and life improving experience — professionally, personally and even romantically! I met my husband at TWI -- he was in the cubicle next door -- and we celebrated our 5 year anniversary last August. On a personal level, I need only look at my Facebook account to see the many colleagues, clients, and overseas agents who have now become real friends all over the world. They have chased boxes and have argued/begged/pleaded with Customs with me, they have made miracles happen and celebrated (like only those in the tradeshow business can) when that crate made it to the booth just in time. Professionally, TWI has allowed me to see the world and learn how to problem solve in a variety of cultures and situations. Success at TWI means being able to critically think and knowing the importance of following through on commitments. It means representing a family and employee-owned business where everyone has a stake in the success of not just TWI, but all the companies whose products and services we help promote. Whether it’s a large Fortune 500 company or a starter company exhibiting at their first show, a successful show for our exhibitors is a successful show for every employee at TWI. TWI is company where our executives don’t just have signs that tout an open-door policy, they practice it everyday. No matter what position you are in, you can always go to Steve or Greg to ask for help, voice dissent or simply to talk. Although I know their time is precious, they never make you feel as if it’s too precious to spend with you. As many TWI employees can attest to, if you are willing to learn and to try, then you will always have the support of this company’s leadership. TWI is a company that has made my life better in a great many ways and I am so thankful to have had this amazing experience and to have learned so much along the way. I will take those lessons learned with me to the State Department and use them every day in my professional and personal life. I’m truly proud to have been a part of something so great. -- by Wendy Dowling, former Sales Representative at TWI Group, Inc., the premiere specialist in international tradeshow logistics. To find out how TWI Group can help with your upcoming tradeshow shipments, please call our Las Vegas Headquarters at 702.691.9000.