Notes from TWI's Globe-Traveling Sales Team -- SINGAPORE

Jun-01-2011 | by: admin
People often call Singapore ‘Asia for Beginners’ because of its East-meets-West mix of modern city-state and classic Asian cultures. I think Singapore is less a beginning and more of a wonderful adventure all its own. From the moment you walk into Changi Airport (usually at midnight after 20+ hours of travel) you see so much of the modernity, efficiency and aesthetic that really defines Singapore. The culture of happiness and pride in their country is on display at all times, and you will be hard-pressed to find a rude or unhappy Singaporean. From a Westerner’s point of view, this is an idea place to have a tradeshow for so many reasons. English is the ‘official’ language of Singapore and although it may take a few variations in regards to accent, if you speak English you will have no problems navigating the taxis, wonderful public transportation or any of the amazing food courts throughout the city. Singapore is a famously clean city-state and is also one of the safest countries in the world. To see someone walking down the street alone late at night is perfectly normal and regarded as quite safe. Although taxis are quite affordable, the walk from such popular places as Boat and Clark Quays and Chijmes are beautiful and worthwhile. However, if you get tired of walking you can always take a rickshaw ride—just be sure to negotiate the price in advance. Working in Singapore is just as enjoyable as visiting, especially in regards to tradeshows and exhibitions. The main facilities are the Singapore Expo, Suntec, and the newly opened Marina Bay Sands. Singapore Expo is a large, sprawling convention center by the airport with 10 Exhibition Halls and over 1 million square feet of exhibit space and over a dozen restaurants. From a logistical perspective, the column-free floor and open space makes move-in and out very efficient. Suntec is the urban convention center located right downtown next to many of Singapore’s famous malls and restaurants. The newest convention facility is the Sands which is located on Marina Bay just a short ferry ride away from Suntec. It is now Singapore’s largest convention facility with 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space inside of the impressive new Sands Hotel and Casino. As you can tell, I love working in this city and enjoy the food, nightlife and all the personality that goes along with Singapore. June’s CommunicAsia will be my first show at the new Sands and I look forward to another wonderful exhibition experience in this amazing city! -- by Wendy Dowling, Sales Representative at TWI Group, Inc., the premiere specialist in international tradeshow logistics. To contact Wendy, or to find out how TWI Group can help with your upcoming tradeshow shipments, please call our Las Vegas Headquarters at 702.691.9000.