Q&A with company President & CEO, Steve Barry

Mar-17-2011 | by: admin
How do you describe TWI? TWI is a company that has a history and experience and a good reputation when it comes to event shipping. We’re also a company that is financially sound, which is especially important in this environment. When a client is choosing a shipping partner, they have to understand and trust the personnel in the company, and the experience they have personally in the trade show shipping business. What sets TWI apart from the competition? Number one is experience. There is no other company that has 70 employees dedicated to trade show and event shipping that have been doing it for 37 years, that has shipped over 5 million kilograms of exhibition freight out of the US on an annual basis, or handled over 500 shows a year on a regular basis. How has TWI evolved to meet your clients’ needs? Many of the changes in the industry have been on the reporting side, and a lot of it has been in the formalities. The number one thing that has changed in recent years for our customers is compliance with regulations. We also want our clients to have a clear understanding of how we can save them money. Now we have to be able to show them the ways that we have helped to save them money from past shipments to current shipments. What’s on tap for 2011? We continually adjust and make small changes that are not overly visible to the customer, and help us to create and continue to build efficiencies. That can be in the form of changing partners, or using specific partners based on their strengths. There is nothing too earth-shattering that we’ll be changing over the next 12 to 24 months, other than really keeping our nose to the grindstone and making sure we’re getting the most efficient pricing, because that’s the current economic situation. That’s what everybody is really looking for. They’re getting ground down on every dollar and we have to make sure that we’re providing them with the most efficient service possible. -- Steve Barry is President & CEO of TWI Group, Inc., the premiere specialist in international tradeshow logistics. To contact Steve, or to find out how TWI Group can help with your upcoming tradeshow shipments, please call our Las Vegas Headquarters at 702.691.9000.