Skidding your cartons – how to protect what you are sending to an international show.

Aug-01-2017 | by: TWI Group

When exhibiting at a trade show, your exhibition material is the best way for your company to attract customers and prospects, and deliver your message. That is why you need to make sure that your marketing material is intact when it arrives on the trade show floor. Your best option, to avoid damage or loss material, is to skid your cartons and protect it carefully for your shipment to arrive at destination safely.


Plan your shipment to international trade show


Getting you exhibition material shipped to an international destination needs a little foresight. The right choice of shipping supplies is crucial to secure the shipment of your exhibition material to international trade shows. Palletizing your parcels is the best packaging solution when shipping freight or multiple boxes shipment going to the same destination or that require storage. Skidding your cartons will ensure that all display components and exhibition material arrive at the trade show venue on schedule. 


Protect fragile items with the proper cushioning material


The best chance you have of your exhibition material to go through shipment without a scratch is by packing it properly. A guiding principle of packing your display and marketing material is to pack as if it was your own personal property. By doing so, you increase your chance of keeping your exhibition equipment in perfect condition.

To minimize the contact between your equipment and the risk of damages, wrap all the items in your packages separately. Various cushioning material can be used when packing your exhibition equipment; bubble wrap, expanded polystyrene, engineered foam enclosures, inflatable packaging, etc. These cushioning materials all have their distinct usages and must align with the type of exhibition material you are shipping to international trade shows.      


Protect your trade show material shipment


Your exhibition material will be handled by various people in the process of its shipment to an international trade show. Therefore, your crates need to be carefully protected. When skidding your cartons, place some liner paper between the layers of packages and directly on the pallet to reduce friction. Always shrink wrap your shipment with plastic film to keep all your packages together. You can also use corner or edge boards, banding or breakaway adhesive to secure your cartons on the pallet. A plastic film can also be placed on top of the skids to protect your shipment from the weather damage.    


Box stacking - Distribute weight evenly


Stacking different size containers on a pallet can be challenging. Always make sure that your freight has a flat top surface and that no cartons overhang, to protect your shipment from any damage that can occur when pallets are stacked. Align cartons in columns to form a square shape, leaving as little space as possible in between each package. Usage of corner or edge boards will also help stabilize the load. 



Adequate packaging will protect your display and marketing material in many ways during shipment and will help you ship back your exhibition material. A palletized shipment is the easiest and economical way to ship to international trade shows.



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