TWI attends IELA Operational Summit

Apr-01-2016 | by: admin
TWI was proud to send two of its staff to the IELA Operational Summit which was held January 28-30, 2016 in Hong Kong. IELA is the International Exhibition Logistics Association and TWI is a founding member. TWI executives Stephen J. Barry and Greg Keh have in the past been Chairmen of this esteemed association. Both are also honorary members of the association due to their years of commitment to excellence in the industry. As a leader in exhibition shipping and trade show logistics, LeAnn O'Malley and Jennifer Padilla represented TWI at the Operational Summit. The purpose of the summit is to meet with other key staff members within our industry and to improve the standards of performance for companies in the association. LeAnn and Jennifer are key members of our team and their contribution to our company's success and to the success of the Operations Summit was vital. Thanks LeAnn and Jennifer. For more information on IELA or on Exhibition Logistics, please contact Greg Keh at [][/url] Thanks!