TWI attends Winter Training Seminar on Exhibition Freight Logistics

Jan-23-2013 | by: admin
[img=//]Attending the 2013 IELA Winter Seminar is an amazing event that all IELA members should experience. Even for myself, after almost 16 years in the Exhibition Logistics industry, I learned many new and interesting things. I was able to meet, in person, many of the people I correspond with via email, making the relationships I had already built that much stronger. The experience itself is fun, but in the midst of the fun, I was learning about IELA and how it strives to make our unique industry better. -Jacqueline Horner, Operations-TWI Group, Canada (Note: TWI is a founding member of IELA, and it's focus to improve the standards and quality of exhibition freight forwarding worldwide. TWI has sent staff to IELA training since it's inception and has even presented on various components of International Exhibition Logistics. This year, TWI sent three staff members for training! - Editor)