Get to Know our Canadian Office!

Apr-01-2011 | by: admin

TWI Canada opened its doors in 1989, largely due to influence and requests by Canadian Aerospace companies. At the close of the Paris Airshow that year, it was decided that our Canadian clients’ growing needs deserved to be handed locally by Canadians. We provide the same services to our Canadian clients that our US colleagues...

Q&A with company President & CEO, Steve Barry

Mar-17-2011 | by: admin

How do you describe TWI? TWI is a company that has a history and experience and a good reputation when it comes to event shipping. We’re also a company that is financially sound, which is especially important in this environment. When a client is choosing a shipping partner, they have to understand and trust the personnel in the...

Three Steps for Importing Foreign Food Items Into a US Trade Show or Convention / Exhibition

Mar-09-2011 | by: admin

Step 1) Pack Food and Non-Food items separately: We strongly suggest packing food items and non-food items separately and sending each on its own House Airway Bill. It is not uncommon for Customs and FDA inspectors to hold a food shipment for document review and physical cargo examination. Often customs will release non-food shipments, such as...